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Low Testosterone and Its Treatment
thOne of the most common illnesses in men nowadays is low testosterone (hypogonadism).  This condition found out that it can destroy throughout the body. Most men declining testosterone are more prone to joint pain, weight gain, weakening bones and shrinking muscle mass.
Testosterone is the key source to have a healthy and high libido. Men who start to drop this hormone will find out themselves dropping their interests for physical amour. Especially, when the connection between diabetes and low testosterone. Researchers had found out those men who suffered low testosterone is considerably put in the higher risks of having diabetes later on their age. The cause for this alarming issue is that, testosterone assists the tissues and then receives blood sugar by the occurrence of insulin. Once the testosterone starts to decline, the body should improve its insulin growth to avoid blood sugar impales.
In addition, diabetes is not the merely life frightening situation which is down to low testosterone – obesity is also the main root of experiencing low testosterone. But this correlation can also affect in the overturn – some of male although they eat limited quantity of diet, still combat hugely with their heaviness. In fact, in 2010, 40% of obese patients experienced in low testosterone levels and when diabetes dumbfounded into the mix up, the pace rose to 50%.
Reasons of Low Testosterone
As what I have mentioned from the top, testosterone levels in men is closely connected to the whole parts of body of patients. If major and chronic diseases start to develop throughout the body which is the testosterone level of a person will start to scatter.  These are some of the following illnesses that lead to low testosterone levels.
2. Hormonal disorders
3. Kidney problems or Chronic liver
4. Type 2 diabetes
5. Obesity
6. Testicular cancer
7. Medication for testicular cancer
8. And other testicles problem
Treatments for Low Testosterone
You can treat naturally of low testosterone. Thanks to our health specialists, they have found that herbs are also potent in treating low testosterone levels. These are the following examples of Herbal Viagra.
1. Maca
2. Ginseng
3. Tribulus
4. Tongkat Ali
5. Horny Goat Weed
All of these herbs are effective in enhancing the level of testosterone and libido which result to have a successful intercourse.

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